Stray bullet hits Ypsilanti school bus with children inside

An Ypsilanti Township school bus with children inside was caught amid crossfire – with children inside Monday afternoon.

The bus was hit by a bullet but no students were injured.

"It appears about nine casings that our staff found, so it wasn't one random accidental shooting - it was a shootout that happened in broad daylight," said Derrick Jackson, Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office. "Originally we just got called out to shots fired but on the way,it turns out there was a bus hit by stray bullet."

The bullet went right through the front windshield as the Ypsilanti Community school bus was dropping off kids to the Huron Heights Apartments, Monday afternoon.

"Of course, as a parent to small children it rattles you at your core," Jackson said.

A statement from the school district said in part.

"Thanks to our heroic school bus driver and monitor, who promptly enacted our district’s safety protocols, every student on the bus was unharmed and safely transported back to their homes."

Jackson says the bus was not the intended target.

"It appears that there was some form of an altercation between two groups of individuals and a shooting broke out and shooting broke out," he said.

Detectives have canvassed the area and collected evidence but still no sign of whom the shooters were. Jackson says they are now relying on the public's help for tips.

"Someone might have been there as part of an altercation it has nothing to do with them as far as pulling the trigger, but maybe they can do the right thing and help us find out who actually pulled the trigger," Jackson said.