Stray dog undergoes amazing transformation after 11 pounds of matted fur shaved off him

(Photos: FAMD)

Workers at Friends For Animals of Metro Detroit (FAMD) shaved about 11 pounds of fur off a severely matted stray dog that arrived at the shelter Friday.

Shelter workers say the dog, who they have named Reggae, was soaked wet and weighed 90 pounds when brought in by Dearborn Animal Control. The dog had a chain collar matted in his fur, but no microchip, and it isn't known where he came from.

"It was very concerning to have a dog that was running loose like this with that much of neglect and matted fur all over him," FAMD President and CEO Cory Keller said.

(Photo: FAMD)

Keller said Reggae's fur was so bad that shelter workers could barely see what he looked like when he arrived.

"To be in the condition he was in, at his age, it would appear he probably has never been groomed before. He remained calm and tolerant throughout the entire process of shaving over 11 lbs. of heavy, wet and matted hair off of him. Watching his personality blossom afterwards has been amazing," said medical technician Tiffany Hamilton.

Keller said it takes months for fur to end up as matted as Reggae's was, and he said it appears the dog was probably left outside for most of his life. 

(Photo: FAMD)

"Usually when dogs are matted like this, it can hurt because you're pulling on their fur as you're trying to cut away that matting," Keller said.

Reggae is also heartworm positive. He will be getting neutered, all of his shots, and medical care before he is available for adoption. Keller described Reggae as a sweet goofball who is looking for a second chance.

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