Students protest to bring Allen Park Middle School principal back

A student protest is expected to be held at the Allen Park Middle School Monday morning, with hopes of bringing principal Mark Lowe back to work after being under internal investigation. 

"He's a really nice principal and he's helped me through a lot of stuff," said APMS student Austin Bowling. 

With his parent's permission, Austin talked to FOX 2 about his opinions surrounding principal Lowe. Lowe is currently on paid leave for the second time this year, but the details as to why are not being revealed. 

"We really need our principal back," Austin said. "Everyone liked him." 

The controversy started in February when Lowe mistakenly sent a photo to the school staff. In the photo was a banana, that was purposely suggestive of a male genitalia. The photo was meant for a specific teacher as a joke and Lowe apologized and returned back to work. 

After that incident, Lower went on voluntary leave. A letter was sent to parents last week stating that he had been placed under internal investigation.

"In late February, I received multiple, formal complaints against Mr. Lowe, containing allegations that are significant, serious and extensive," said Allen Park Superintendent Mike Darga. 

Darga also said Lowe's current leave has nothing to do with the banana photo. 

"I don't know what else there is to be honest with you, but I'm sure it can't be that bad," said APMS parent Justin O'Leary. 

O'Leary is one of many parents who have taken to social media to support Lowe. 

"He needs to come back to these kids," said O'Leary. "He is so loved."

Superintendent Darga acknowledges the students' right to protest but says participating in demonstrations which interfere with operations at the school or in the classroom are not permitted.