Summer brings severe weather. Do you have a plan for when it comes?

Spring has sprung, but its summer's severe weather that has officials preparing for the worst. 

"Know what to do and when to do it for personal safety and taking care of our friends and family," said Lt. Tim Ketvirtis, district co-coordinator for emergency management for the state police.

The key is being prepared. Because severe weather can come out of nowhere, having a contingency plan is key for when it strikes.

"Make sure we know where everybody is at," Ketvirtis said. "If something happens during the day, make sure we can get ahold of each one of us."

He's not the only one emphasizing the point. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered the week of March 25-31 to be "Severe Weather Awareness Week" as a statewide tornado drill is scheduled for Wednesday. Fitting too, seeing as reports of tornadoes already touching down in 2019 have been made.

A family's contingency plan should include knowing what to do in any potential location you could be during extreme weather: school, work, home or in the car.

"Anytime you're in a building, know where to go. Get away from windows, get in the center of the building where you're protected from flying debris," Ketvirtis said. "That should be thought of in your plan."