Support dog helps grieving classmates of brothers killed in Grosse Pointe house fire

As a community prepares to say a final good-bye to Logan and Briggs Connolly, a special visitor was at the boys' school - an emotional support dog named Scout.

Briggs, 11, and Logan, 9, were at home Monday morning when their Grosse Pointe home caught on fire. Both boys died.

On Friday with their classmates still mourning their loss, Scout was spreading the love.

"The dog got here this morning at about 9 o'clock and stayed until about 12," said Dr. Gary Niehaus, superintendent Grosse Pointe Schools. "And had the opportunity to be in each of our third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms."

Scout is from Brighton Area Schools and he is one of 12 social emotional learning dogs. It was Brighton's idea to send Scout to Richard School in Grosse Pointe

"It was a big help to our facility, our staff and our students," Niehaus said. "It gave us something else to think about today."

A celebration of life for Briggs and Logan - two little boys who loved to play hockey - will be held Saturday at 3 p.m. at Grosse Pointe Academy Field House.

"I think it's our chance to really show our love and support for this family and what they're going through," said Niehaus.

If you are planning to attend, the Connolly family asks that you not wear black. Instead you are welcome to wear your hockey jersey to honor the young athletes.