Supporters, protesters gather for Donald Trump's speech

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The front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination is in Michigan Tuesday. As critics from both sides criticize Donald Trump, supporters arrive in droves to hear him talk at the Birch Run Expo Center.

Marsha Bodary from Mt. Clemens couldn't wait to get her seat secured.

"I heard about a month ago and Immediately got a ticket."

She's not alone. Bob Parsons from Warren said Trump is his guy.

"The bottom line is The man is supporting his own campaign he doesn't need the money, he doesn't need my money," Parsons said.

Donald Trump will receive a warm welcome by more than 2,000 fans when his limo pulls up to the Birch Run Expo center. But before he can turn down there, protesters are waiting here, wanting to be the first to get to Trump. Protesters like Marisa Coloske from Brighton.

"Trump's stances on women, women's health, the economy, immigration, have been all extremely bigoted and so far right that they could possibly be good for the United States," Coloske said.

"The fact that a man that has so much anger, so much Hate, so much speech filled with sexism and racism, surge so much in the polls is disgusting. And I don't want to manlike that leading my country," Randall Adams, from Saginaw, said.

All protesters are keeping a distance, and extra security was brought in to make sure there would be no problems.