Surveillance footage from nearby business shows moments after Paige Stalker's murder

Days after someone fired 30 shots, killing Paige Stalker and injuring three other teens, a local business owner says he's looked back at his surveillance tape, hoping to see something that others may have missed. His camera was pointed at an intersection just three blocks from the scene of the crime.

"I can see people's reaction [in the video] when the shots went off. So I knew the timing was right," he says. The business owner wished to remain unidentified.  

Just moments after those people in the video turn their heads and look down the street, the video then shows a pair of headlights turning down Charlevoix. The vehicle is going at a high rate of speed and is heading towards the intersection in the wrong direction. 

The video was recorded just before 9 p.m. on December 22. 

Ryan Rentschler is one of the people seen in the video looking down the street.

"We heard multiple shots fired. At least 20 off the top of my head," he remembers. 

He says the vehicle coming through the intersection was carrying the victims of the shooting.

"It looked to me like there was a girl driving with shoulder-length dark hair, and at least two people in the back seat," he Rentschler says. 

The owner of the video says he handed it over to police in hopes it would lead to new information on the shooter.

Fox 2 attempted to confirm that police have the video but our calls were not returned.