Police identify suspect seen urinating on snack rack in Detroit gas station store

The man accused of pulling down his pants and relieving himself all over a snack rack, is expected to soon be under arrest. Detroit police say thanks to tips from the public, he, along with the two other suspects in that video, were being located Tuesday afternoon.

A declined debit card led to the mayhem last weekend at this Amoco station on Detroit’s east side, off Warren.  After the guy in the hoodie urinated on a snack rack, his trio helped themselves, even stealing the soiled ones on the ground.  
Before peeling out, he pulled his pants down again, to show off a full moon to the clerk. The whole thing was on Green Light cameras, monitored by Detroit Police.  

"If he thinks this is a joke we will be seeing him pretty soon," said Deputy Chief Eric Ewing, Detroit police.

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Ewing was right.  On Tuesday DPD offered a $750 reward for more information on these guys on its DetroitRewards.TV website. It worked, tips came pouring in is leading investigators right to the suspects.

The public shaming aside – these guys, are looking at serious charges.  

"Malicious destruction of property, some retail fraud and urinating in public," Ewing said.