Suspect arrested for shooting at repo man on Detroit's west side

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Shots ring out on Detroit's west side when the gunman took aim at the man sent to repossess his vehicle.

Now he's under arrest after west side incident that happened at 2:30 at Westfield and Evergreen.

The repo man came to the house to pick up a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe and police say the man fired several shots.

A bad decision by him - fortunately no one was hurt.

A neighbor said that he heard the shots.

:I was in the shower I just heard a commotion, and I looked out the window, and saw somebody running down the street," said James Robinson. "They came back ... and I heard a couple of boom, booms.

"When I got out and I saw the police cars and everything."

While the man was in the back of a police car in handcuffs, officers combed the area looking for the gun.

The  2002 Tahoe was repossessed and charges against the man are pending.