Suspect bank robber watches police search for him while waiting for cab

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It's your classic suspect robs bank story - but this time it comes with a twist. 

The suspect, after committing his theft at the Fifth Third Bank, made his way across the street to the adjacent business, before sitting on one of the benches inside the store. 

"Man came in kind of winded and was like 'can you call me a cab,' and then I said 'you're a cab,' and he didn't laugh." said Patricia Tucker, store owner.

Despite the dad joke fail, she called him a cab. While the man waited for his escort, he watched out the window as a myriad of police look for him. When the taxi arrived, Tucker notified her unlikely customer, and he left. 

Once the news began spreading, a bank had been robbed, the owner was asked to identify the man who robbed the bank, to which she responded, "yes, that's him."

But it was the next bit of information Tucker provided that really aided the officers: the address the man had taken a taxi to. He had left it written down at the store. 

"I think it's crazy. Especially when I found out it  was an armed robbery."

The FBI is also looking into the suspect, as he could be linked to other robberies in the area. The man will be arraigned in federal court on Monday.