Suspect caught on camera breaking into 2 Farmington businesses

Police are looking for a suspect caught on camera breaking into two Farmington businesses Wednesday morning.

"He was going from business to business looking for whatever he could get his hands on," said 

Police say between 4 and 5:30 a.m. a man was trying to get into restaurants and businesses along Grand River and Farmington Road. 

"He was everywhere," said Karen Gara, owner of Merle Norman. "He was behind at the backdoors, in front of the complex and up and down Farmington Road."

On two occasions he got in, breaking in the front door at the Browndog Barlor with little or no concern of being seen. 

"He took the cash out of our drawer and he obviously wasn't thinking," said Ashley Duncan, an employee of Browndog.

He attempted to take even more than that. 

"He tried to break into our office as well," said Duncan. "We have a really good safe and he didn't get anything out of there."

He then made his way down the street to Mi Mosa and attempted the same thing. 

"Both locks were busted on the front and rear entrance," said owner Jacob Khalil.
According to the owner of Mi Mosa, the thief spent a half an hour in the restaurant. he even found tools in there to help him commit the crime.

"He used those to snip the wires and steal the register," said Khalil.

Lastly he tried a beauty supply store, but while he got the lock off the door. he never made it inside. 
Police say they are acting on several tips but no arrests have been made.