Suspect caught on camera setting floral shop on fire

One store is offering a large reward for help finding the suspect responsible for burning down his floral shop in Center Line on Wednesday.

In a matter of minutes, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise at Dealers Discounts Crafts and Florals was up in flames.

Neither investigators nor the business think it's a coincidence that it happened as a man seen on a bike was in the area.

"Somebody has got to recognize ya. He's got to be from the area. They are going to getcha," said Vince Paine, store manager.

The man, wearing black shorts and a sweatshirt, is seen riding his bike across 10 Mile to the craft store's parking lot just before 8 p.m. Wednesday.

He appears to have taken his time before allegedly starting the fire.

The suspect sat down at a picnic table for 40 minutes, waiting for employees to leave before getting back up, going behind the garage and starting the fire.

"They had three bundles double stacked. It looked like he may have started a small fire under each of them," said Center Line Fire Department Chief Charles Schubert.

"Went to the other side of our building over there, turned around and watched it. And when he saw the smoke he, took off on 10 Mile and went eastbound," Paine said.

The business is out two vehicles, a hi-lo and tons of merchandise, but they are willing to pay $5,000 to anyone who helps catch the suspect.

The Michigan Arson Prevention Committee is also offering a reward for a total of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Call 1-800-44-ARSON.