Suspect charged with murder of woman outside nightclub on Easter

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A young woman was shot to death outside a Highland Park nightclub, Easter morning.

The man police say pulled the trigger is facing murder charges, but police say their investigation is far from over.

Anthony Moore kept a stone face at his arraignment, charged with murder, attempted murder, and weapons charges for a shooting at social club in Highland Park in the early hours of Easter morning.

"We talked to him today for a little while," said Det. Brian Menge, Highland Park police. "He's just been very brief he's not giving us any information as to a motive."

Police say with assistance from the U.S. Marshals, Moore, 27, was arrested during a traffic stop Thursday afternoon, wanted for the murder of 27-year-old Tiffany Cook and the shooting of another 27-year-old woman who was eight-months pregnant.  She and the baby are expected to be ok.

"Do you understand the charges?" the judge said.

"Yes," Moore said.

"You have the right to remain silent," the judge said.

Moore still will not say why he pulled the trigger. The habitual offender, who has previous convictions of home invasion and fleeing and eluding police, now faces charges that could put him away for life.

"Even though we have a suspect that's in custody, and let the family know about it, this investigation is far from over," said Menge.

Sources say other people may have also been targeted at this club and multiple other shots were fired. That's why Highland Park police are asking more people to come forward, and do what's right.

"Anybody who was at the club the night of the shooting, we are asking for them to come forward," said Menge. "If there's any pictures or any information they have, that could help in this investigation because this is not closed by any means."

Moore will be held without bond in the Wayne County jail until his next court date.