Suspect guns down mentally disabled man inside Inkster store

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A fatal shooting inside an Inkster party store left a 31-year-old man dead, now police need the public's help to track the killer down.

A familiar face in the community, Hassan Tanana died in the shooting Thursday night. A video photo of the suspect from inside the store has been released by investigators.

"He always walked down the street, walked down to the store, he waves and I just blow the horn and wave back," Portra Sanders said. "I'm really shocked he did not deserve that."

Michigan State Police are still investigating but it is believed the suspect and Tanana were involved in a verbal altercation.

But it did not end there, according to police the suspect left the store and returned later confronting the victim in the store - shooting him several times. The suspect fled in a silver Dodge Durango and hasn't been seen since.

Tanana was transported to the hospital where he died.

"He didn't bother anyone," Sanders said. "He barely even talked."

Police say Tanana, who had a mental disability, lived at a group home across the street from the liquor store. He was often seen outside the store asking for money.

Sanders said he was also known to lend a helping hand to others

"He would stop, see someone working and try to help," she said.

Sanders says her heart goes out to the victim's loved ones.

"My condolences to family," Sanders said. "My suggestion to the group home is that they keep watch in order and have someone assist them in order to go to the store and back and help them with their needs."

Michigan State Police need your tip information to solve this case.  If you recognize the suspect who police say was a regular at this liquor store contact investigators immediately.