Suspect in Danielle Stislicki case in court for preliminary hearing

The man charged in connection with the disappearance and presumed murder of Danielle Stislicki, a Farmington Hills woman who disappeared in December 2016, is expected to be in court all week for his pre-trial hearings.

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Floyd Galloway Jr., was charged with the murder of Stislicki, 28, even though her body or remains have never been found.

Stislicki was last seen on December 2, 2016, as she was leaving her job at MetLife in Southfield. Galloway was a former security guard there and has long been considered a person of interest in her disappearance. 

On Monday, her mom, Ann Stislicki, testified that Galloway had visited Danielle at the cafeteria at their work often. The mother and daughter worked in the same building. 

"I thought it was strange for him to be up there and we questioned why we he was there, because I've never seen any other security guard up in the cafeteria during anyone's break," Ann said.

By early December 2016, Galloway had been working security at American Axle. On December 1, he called his employer and said he had a doctor's appointment and couldn't work the next day.

But Danielle's co-worker, Brandon Williams, said he saw Galloway at MetLife with the hood up on his car. He also said that Danielle was with him and Galloway was in the passenger seat.

Danielle's car was found parked outside of her apartment in Farmington Hills but prosecutors showed surveillance images of her car driving to Berkley and then to her apartment. Her keys and FitBit were found outside, less than a mile away from a Tim Horton's where Galloway was spotted on video.

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"We did go ahead and got into the car. Our concern was to go into in the purse. We did find cash, we did find credit cards, we did find her driver's license," Ann said.

Her phone found was found in her apartment and police later searched Galloway's Berkley home. They also seized her car as evidence and part of his carpet that tested positive for human blood.

Danielle's best friend was supposed to meet her for dinner the night she went missing. 

"And then I responded at 5:30. 'Yeah, I called in. Are you alive? LOL. Weird I haven't heard from you, you're making me worried,'" Sarah Pollack read from her text messages to Danielle.

Pollack said she knew who Danielle was dating and she knew most of the people in her life but she never mentioned Galloway to her.

However, Ann testified that months before she disappeared, Danielle received a gift at work.

"Danielle had received flowers from an anonymous person while she was at work, and she was quite disturbed with it. As much as it was exciting to have a secret admirer, she was concerned and a little creeped out," Ann said.

The handwritten note read "From: secret admirer. Hope this made you smile today!" 

On Tuesday, the testimony became more technical. A handwriting expert talked about the letter from the secret admirer, and determined it was written by Floyd. 

A carpet sample from Floyd's bedroom was also discussed, with an expert saying both Danielle and Floyd's DNA were found on it. 

The Oakland County medical examiner discussed why he ruled this case a homicide - even though a body hasn't yet been discovered. Based on evidence, he says Danielle was violently assaulted.

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