Suspect who led Sterling Hts police on chase linked to homicide in Flint area

A morning police chase in Sterling Heights ended with a crash after reaching up to 70 miles per hour at times in rush hour. -and it’s all on video.  

"He’s on parole, he’s going to whatever to get away," said Lt. Mario Bastianelli, Sterling Heights police.  

A parolee from the Flint area for armed robbery was trying to run from police Monday morning - now we know why. Genesee County officials tell FOX 2 the man behind the wheel is likely linked to a very recent homicide there.  

"He had a ski mask along with a handgun and the fact he’s got priors for armed robbery, maybe coincidence - maybe not, but very suspicious," said Bastianelli. 

Around 6 a.m. he was weaving in and out of traffic near 15 Mile Road and Schoenner and lost control. Guns drawn, officers able to get him cuffed quickly then, notice through an open door.  

"The door was open and they could see in the glove box was open and there was a loaded handgun," Bastianelli said.  

Along with the gun, there was a ski mask and credit cards that weren’t his, and a cell phone belonging to the victim of that Flint-area homicide. Officials say it could actually be the victim’s plateless Ford Fusion he was driving.  

Sterling Heights police didn’t know anything of the connection to the murder before pulling him over. 

 "We want to keep the public safe that’s our number one obligation, the number one priority we have, but our secondary responsibility is catching the bad guy," Bastianelli said.  

Charges in the Sterling Heights case are coming Tuesday. The homicide is still under investigation.