Suspected chip thief stopped by shoppers, returns and shoots gun, leaves wallet and phone 

A suspected chip thief was trying to walk away from Von's Liquor in Detroit with a bag of chips. When he was stopped by a couple of customers, he trashed the store, came back with a gun, trashed it again, and then came back a third time.

It happened Sunday at Greenfield and Fenkel on Detroit's west side. The suspected thief walked into the store and tried to walk out with a bag of chips. Two shoppers fight him to try and hold him for police but he gets away, only to come back very angry and with a gun.

"So he fired a gun in the store, he fired a shot in the store," said store owner Fadi Salak.

Nobody was hit by the bullets and, again, customers took the man down to, again, try to hold him until police arrive. But, again, he gets away. 

This time he left two important things: his phone and his wallet.

"We call police and police come and took pictures and everything. They got his wallet and everything," said Salak.

Police have that in evidence but they didn't arrest him. 

"Early this morning he came back and he's doing the same thing," said Salak.

The man was waving the gun around and demanding his stuff back. But Salak had bad news for him: the police had it and he called 911.

But, again, the man was able to get away before the police got there. Salak said it took them about two hours to get to his store this time.

It should be noted that Salak's store is not a Project Green Light station.

If you know who the man is, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.