Suspected drunk driver kills man and 10-year-old on Mother's Day

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Arriyonna Woods, left, and George Noble were killed in the crash. 

Two people killed including a 10-year-old girl after a crash on Detroit's west side - and the child's twin sister is hospitalized right now in critical condition.

They were on their way home from a mother's day celebration when their car was hit from behind. The family is devastated and a suspected drunk driver is behind bars.

"When they got back they went home and they got into a car accident," said Iyanna Woods, 11.

Woods was with her 10-year-old twin sisters Sunday, shopping for mom and celebrating Mother's Day at their aunt's home on Cortland.

Around 11:30 Sunday night their aunt's fiancé' George Noble, was driving the twin sisters, Arriyonna and Erriyonna Woods home along with their aunt, Tina Woods, when an Impala crashed into the back of their car - wrapping their Toyota around a utility pole.

"The car hit us - he came from nowhere," said Tina Woods.

Tina was injured with her arm broken, her body bruised but grateful she's alive. Her niece Erriyonna is hospitalized in critical condition. Twin sister Arriyonna died. Also killed in the crash was the driver, George Noble.

"He was amazing, he helped everybody," said Sharee Woods.

"He was there for my mom and her kids," said Breonnae Pearson. "He was taking care of us even though he didn't have to but he chose to. He looked after us like we was his own." 

The accident happened at Linwood and Glendale - police say after the Impala crashed into the Toyota, the 30-year-old driver crashed into another car - others were injured but are expected to be okay - but that man is under arrest suspected of driving drunk.

"Horrible tragedy for this to happen especially on Mother's Day," said Lt. Kenneth Gardner, Detroit police. "That is why we are advocating for the victims and we are going to figure out exactly what happened and those who are responsible in any way, shape or form, will be prosecuted."

In the meantime the family is grieving for those lost.

"Both of them were innocent people," said one relative.

They are hoping for Erriyona.

"I hope she gets out but right now she has two broken legs and a hole in her neck, she can't breathe and she has broken ribs, Sharee Woods said.

And praying.

"We want everybody to pray for us - please do," said a relative.

And they have a message for everyone about drinking and driving.

"You guys got to stop doing this out here," said Samantha Rodriguez. "You all are killing innocent kids this is crazy."