Suspected robbers caught hiding in woman's house

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Two robbery suspects hit a Burger King then flee, randomly picking a woman's house to hide out in on New Year's Day.

"The criminals were in my house," said Linda Hurston.

At about 4 p.m. Jan. 1, Detroit police say two men, one 41 and the other 25, robbed the cash register and safe at the Burger King on Livernois north of the Jeffries freeway.  

But then the men fled, on foot, through the neighborhood, to her house.  

"They came through that door," Hurston said. "I was afraid."

But, by some good old fashioned police work -  they had left a lot of footprints in the snow.  The officers followed the men to Hurston's house where she lives with her best friend Nancy, and her five grandchildren.

"He said two guys ran up in your house, and they're in your house," said Nancy Lopez.

One was hiding in the attic and the other in the basement. Police were able to capture them and now they are in custody awaiting charges.  

But it's the aftermath of having your home invaded that's troubling to Nancy. 

"It's not secure, I have broken windows and doors and I just bought the house," Lopez said.

Allegedly robbing the Burger King is bad enough but going to somebody's house is called home invasion and that can be sometimes worse than the initial robbery.

Luckily no one was physically hurt but emotionally drained.

"Have your doors and windows secure and put up a surveillance camera," she said.