Suspects charged in human trafficking of 14-year-old

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Human trafficking suspects Eric Brown, Brian Ash and Grace Nyirahabimana are charged with disturbing crimes.

In court Thursday, Wayne County prosecutors say they were part of a criminal enterprise that lured a 14-year-old girl, held her against her will and sex trafficked her all over Detroit in January.

"This defendant, Brown, used an older female recruiter to bring her to his house," said David Champine, prosecuting attorney. "He first suggested to her that she ought to have engage in sexual acts with him because he 'knows where her mother is and could have her killed at any moment.' He told her that each time she refused, 'someone had to die.'"

The judge deemed Brown's alleged crimes so heinous that she denied bond.  Investigators say the suspects drove the 14-year-old across Detroit forcing her to have sex with clients in numerous hotels.

Brian Ash was allegedly second in command. He began shaking his head while the judge talked about the possibility of him being a flight risk and a pending felony matter. She set his bond at $1 million.

The bond for 18-year-old Grace Nyirahabimana's bond was set at $250,000 for her alleged role in the crime.

"She's the one who was more involved in the advertising and commercializing of this child," Champine said. "She took the pictures of an unclothed child and helped make the Backpage account. She was involved in the coaching and teaching of this child, how to engage in these acts."

The prosecutor's office credits exemplary police work with getting these three suspects off the streets.