3 suspects wanted after attempted break-in, shooting, crash and high-speed chase in Inkster

Police are looking for three suspects after a break-in, a shooting, a crash with a police cruiser and a high-speed chase over the weekend in Inkster. 

It started when police confronted the suspects as we're told they were trying to break into an apartment complex on Hamlin Road Sunday afternoon. 

Eugene lives in the complex and said he heard 15 or 16 rounds being fired at close range. 

"I was upstairs, waiting on my kid and then I just heard shots," Eugene said. The next thing he knew, officers were rushing to the scene. 

"Ten or 15 minutes later, they had the whole intersection blocked off," Eugene said. 

According to Michigan State Police, the three suspects were trying to break into an apartment unit when they were confronted by police and ran off.

"They thought they saw somebody feel out this way and jump the fence," Eugene said. "They had the K-9 units out."

MSP said at least one of the suspects got away in a purple Dodge Charger, that collided with one or two squad cars. Police fired at the suspects' car as it sped towards Detroit. 

Meanwhile, Eugene said he was getting the play-by-play as his daughter was making her way home.

"Next thing they are calling and saying they are being in the middle of a high-speed chase by police," he said. 

The suspect lost police but crashed the Charger into a pole down a dead-end street at Stout and 7 Mile, and then took off running. Back at the Inkster apartment, the search is on for two other suspects. 

Witnesses told FOX 2 after police swept the apartment complex, they were allowed those living there to re-enter.