SUV riddled with bullets while driving on The Lodge, man injured

The Lodge Freeway was shut down for a few hours overnight as police investigated a shooting.

A driver, a man in his 30s, says someone opened fire on his car while he was driving.

He first heard gunfire just after midnight as he was passing the Wyoming exit.

"We had multiple calls to our 911 system downtown about a vehicle being shot at," said Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police.

The victim pulled off onto Livernois, ditching his car at the top of the exit ramp.

"(He) jumped out of his vehicle and ran into a neighborhood to get away from the individual," Shaw said. "Once he saw law enforcement lights, he came back out of the neighborhood and spoke with us."

The driver got away and was not hurt.

Police believe, though, that the suspects circled back around and came back and shot at the vehicle again.
Police say the driver might not be alive if he had stayed in the vehicle.

The man returned to his car when police got there. He was shot twice and was taken to the hospital for the non life-threatening injuries.

"He doesn't have any type of arguments with anybody so he's unsure why anybody would shoot at him," Shaw said.

State police do not believe the victim was a random target.

"We have an idea that he possibly knows at least the reason why or who was involved," Shaw said. "He's not giving us very much information to go on right now."

Michigan state police are surveying the area where the shooting took place, hoping to find surveillance video or someone who can describe the suspect's vehicle or whoever was inside.

"We will continue to interview the victim and hopefully we will be able to get a lead," Shaw said.

If you can tell state police anything about the suspect or vehicle, give them a call. You can also leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.