Swastikas, Satanic symbol graffiti left on community buildings in Highland

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Swastikas, Satanic symbols and spray paint.

Now, Oakland County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a pair of vandals who targeted organizations that try to lift the community.

The offensive graffiti was spray painted on doors and windows at the non-profit Community Sharing Outreach Center food bank on north Milford Road. The food bank helps those in need as well as the homeless every week.

Surveillance video from June 21 shows a man and a woman arrive in a jacked up Jeep. They are at a soccer building that's also vandalized here at the Huron Valley Soccer Club at this community park on Hickory Ridge Road in Highland.

Oakland County Sheriff investigators say both locations - the vandalism at the soccer park and community food bank are both connected.

"Somebody broke into the soccer park on Hickory Ridge Road and literally kicked the door down on the pole barn that stores a tractor and some equipment," said Rick Hamill, Highland Township supervisor.

Hamill says the vandals easily did at a minimum of $2,000 in damage. And everything hasn't been totaled yet. A new door was needed at the soccer club.
Hamill saw the video and showed it to detectives. The other site hit by the vandals at the nearby Community Sharing food bank has cleaned up or covered up the vandalism.

Including a swastika that was painted on the back of their white delivery van, someone also painted two Christmas reindeer lawn decorations.

"You see an SUV kind of like a Jeep Cherokee, jacked up a little," Hamill said. "There may have been three people but for sure you see a man and a woman."

If you have any information, contact the Oakland County Sheriff at (248) 858-4951.