Tampa teen raising money to build soccer field in his African hometown

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Tampa Prep's sophomore Jordan Peloubet is driven by images from his childhood. It was a poverty-stricken life in Arusha, Tanzania. He was raised in a hut by his grandmother after his mother died from malaria when he was just 3 years old.

His world suddenly turned when Drew and Susan Peloubet paid a visit to his small town.

"I really thought we'd go there for about 10 days," reflected Drew Peloubet. "Do a little good. Come home and that would be the end of it. Them we met Jordan and everything changed."

"I remembered meeting them and having them connect with me and my family," Jordan said. "Over the years our love grew stronger and stronger. I want to say it was a beautiful thing, a blessing from God."

The Peloubets enrolled Jordan in boarding school at the age of 5, and it took them eight years to officially adopt him. They knew Jordan was destined to make a difference.

"He was a 4 year old running after the bus," Drew Peloubet said. "He just wanted to be with us. We just felt a connection. There was just something special about that kid."

When Jordan arrived in the United States and at Tampa Preparatory School as a teenager in sixth grade, he realized quickly just how fortunate he was. He began to feel a great responsibility that he would, one day, be the one person to make a difference in his hometown. 

In December, Jordan debuted his mission online. He created a website designed to raise $115,000 to give his hometown what he didn't have growing up: A safe place to play soccer.

"We dreamed of playing on a field like this," Jordan said, pointing to Tampa Prep's soccer field.  "I just want to bring that to them."

Jordan has raised $16,000 so far and has partnered with former Tampa Bay Rowdies player Farrukh Quraishi to help reach his goal. He can't wait for the day he can return home to see the difference.

"It's up to people who are blessed to begin with in their life," Jordan added. "To see the other side, the other point of view, and to find the kindness in their heart to help support them. Help better their life in any way they can."

LINK For more information about Jordan Peloubet's quest and how you can help, visit lfarusha.org.