Taylor corruption probe leads FBI to raid Allen Park business

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The office of Realty Transitions on Southfield Road in Allen Park had a visit from federal investigators.

This came at the same time FBI agents were searching Taylor City Hall and the home of the Taylor mayor, Rick Sollars. Now we are learning one of the men here at Realty Transitions has connections with Sollars dating back to 2015.

A picture from the city of Taylor’s website shows Sollars and Shady Awad on the left. These two men share a partnership that involves rehabbing dilapidated properties in Taylor. They have something else in common as well - both were raided by the FBI. While agents were pulling out files and other materials from Taylor City Hall, they were also executing warrants at this realty transitions in Allen Park where Awad is titled as project manager. 

The FBI also stopped by Awad’s home. A neighbor says the FBI investigation at Awad’s home was rather low key. 

“I did notice cars there yesterday, I thought he was having a party," said a neighbor.

Questions swirl at Taylor council meeting after FBI raid of City Hall
FBI raids Taylor City Hall, mayor's home in corruption probe

According to the city of Taylor’s website Awad and Mayor Sollars formed a mutually beneficial partnership four years ago. 

"The program enabled the city to claim large numbers of foreclosed homes from the Wayne County auction through funds provided by Realty Transition. The firm then maintains and rehabilitates those buildings, improving and bringing them up to code before the city transfers titles to Realty Transition. Once that takes place, Realty Transition puts them up for sale on the open market. the program helps clean up the community and promotes home ownership."

Now it appears their relationship is under federal scrutiny. This is leading to many questions in the city of Taylor, rumors and speculation that residents are bringing to city hall. 

“From garbage to towing, you name it, (they are asking and) I have no idea," said City Council Chairman Tim Woolley.

The Detroit News cited a now sealed federal ‘wiretapping’ transcript that links the mayor of Taylor to Gasper Fiore. Fiore you may recall, was a towing company mogul who was sentenced to 21 months in prison this past August for bribery.

No official word has come from the federal government as to the nature of the investigation or who else might be next.