Taylor father accused of sexual assault against own daughters

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A local father faced the judge today, accused of crimes against his own family members. 

“You're being charged with 5 counts of CSC in the 2nd degree.”

Taylor father Bill Bonner charged and facing serious accusations of molesting one of his daughters and step-daughter that live with him.

He was charged in the 34th district court Saturday morning, the charges stemming from several incidents earlier this month.

The alleged victims tell police he's been touching them inappropriately for a while.

“Wrestling and inappropriate touching has happened more than one time,” a Taylor Police Detective said.

Bonner spoke up during his video arraignment against the judge's recommendations.

“This is all a very big misunderstanding,” Bonner said. 

“Sir sir this is an arraignment where I inform you of the charges and possible penalties,” the judge said.

Taylor Police detectives asking the judge for a high cash bond for Bonner, she set it at $200,000 cash.

SOT Bill Bonner, Accused of Molesting Daughter and Step Daughter/Judge

“I need to get back to work Monday,” Bonner said.

“Sir these are very serious charges,” the judge said.

“I understand that so, there’s no way I got to pay you 200,000 to get out of jail today?” Bonner asked.

If he makes bond he can't have any contact with his daughters or step daughter and must wear a GPS tracker.

Bonner made one last attempt to plead his case.

“Sir these are very serious accusations until there are adjudicated, 200,000 cash,” the judge said.

We reached out to Taylor Police, but we didn't hear back in time for this story. 

We do know a search warrant was done last week at Bonner’s home and neighbors there tell us it's a sad situation all the way around.