Taylor men charged for murder, burning of River Rouge father

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Wesley and Adam Brown are charges with the murder of Micheal Stratford.

A River Rouge man found dead more than a week after his family reported him missing.

Now two brothers, Wesley and Adam Brown are accused of killing, then burning the body of a single father, Micheal Stratford.

One is charged with murder - the other with trying to cover it up.

"God have mercy on their souls. Because I won't," said Carrie Bommarito, Stratford's mother. "His 3-year-old girl is sitting at home wondering why daddy isn't there anymore."

In a Taylor courtroom, a detective spoke about a tearful confession as one brother, Adam talks about being forced to cover up the crime, by Wesley.

"His brother made him help clean up the blood and wrap the body in plastic," said Det. Eric Jones, Taylor police. "They placed all the evidence in the backyard fire pit and lit it on fire."

Adam told detectives they dumped the body behind a Tim Horton's in Ypsilanti. Wesley accused of pulling the trigger, showed no remorse and only had this to say in court:

"My brother said he was going to look for a pro bono lawyer or somebody," he said. "I haven't talked to anybody in a long time."

Wesley and the victim, Mike had a long history together.

"Wesley was like a drinking buddy," Bommarito said. "They played cards with each other once a month."

As to what may have led to murder, Micheal's mother has a theory.

"That morning my son took the baby out, doing some running around and stopped by Wesley's house," she said. "Wesley's dog had attacked my granddaughter."

She says her son returned to Wesley's home on Brian Street later that night - the same night he was allegedly killed.

"There was some type of altercation at the house, some kind of argument that led to the shooting," said Taylor Police Chief Mary Sclabassi.

"I'm assuming it had to do with the dog bites that were on my granddaughter." Bommarito said.

As the case plays out in court, the family is asking for help to pick up the pieces.

"His work set up a GoFundMe account," Bommarito said. "Anybody who can even donate $1 to give my son a proper burial would be much appreciated."


Adam Brown is being held on a $1 million bond. His brother Wesley Brown is being held without bond.