Taylor police auctioning off notorious 'Gardner White cop' Dodge Charger

The red Dodge Charger that was usually parked near the Gardner White in Taylor is now up for sale. Photo via Taylor Police Department. 

If there's one police cruiser that drivers in Southeast Michigan know best, it's the Gardner White Cop car. 

The one that hides around Telegraph Road. The one that pulls drivers over for going 5 miles over the limit. The one that has drawn accusations of creating a speed trap near the Gardner White Furniture in Taylor.

And now, that one is up for sale.

The notorious red Dodge Charger has been put up for auction by the Taylor Police Department, its Facebook page said Saturday.

"The City of Taylor is conducting an auto auction.  One of the vehicles up for auction is the infamous "Gardner White Cop" red Dodge Charger.  The auction is now live," read the post, accompanied by two photos of the vehicle. 

"The most hated vehicle in Metro Detroit," read one comment on the post. "I've been pulled over by this car - the first time I ever had been pulled over!" read another.

Some even theorized purchasing it to use for some catharsis. 

In an age of water cooler conversations moving online, social media and websites like Reddit have played host to numerous complaints about the Gardner White cop. 

Now, according to the website Public Surplus, the charger can be bid upon. The highest bid as of Sunday afternoon is $11,211.00. Twenty-five bids have been made. The auction will go until April 22, 2022.