Taylor's Atlas Oil sends truck drivers, fuel to Puerto Rico

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Tons of supplies continue to flow into hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

The problem is -- there aren't enough truck drivers to get them to the people that need them the most - but one Taylor company is stepping up to help.

"These people are devastated," said Bob Kenyon. "The fuel you bring will make hospitals work."

Speaking to a room full of his own employees and their families, Kenyon, the president of Atlas Oil, prepares to send more volunteers to help in the wake of Hurricane Maria which left an untold amount of damage to Puerto Rico.

"We simply said we have an opportunity," Kenyon said. "And these people raised their hands."

One of those raising their hand is fuel truck driver A.J. Lain.

"When do I go," he said. I have got no hesitation."

He's just back from delivering fuel to other areas hit by other hurricanes, but signed up for another go.

"There is nothing they can do to prepare you for it," he said. “I saw that firsthand in Texas and in the southeast."

"They know they will be gone from 30 to 60 days," said Jeremy Whiddon, VP at Atlas Oil.

Fuel trucks are ready to roll, setting out on a six day trek across the ocean before landing on Puerto Rican shores. About 20 employees said they'd be willing to go.

"Living out of tents, and working out of their trucks delivering fuel to everything from hospitals to health centers to the National Guard, first responders and construction companies working to rebuild Puerto Rico," Whiddon said.