TCF Center temporary hospital on pause, beds to remain on site

The 1,000-bed temporary facility at the TCF Center is currently on pause as coronavirus cases in Michigan are flattening.

Due to a current lack of need, the temporary hospital at the TCF Center has been paused according to the city of Detroit and Army Corps of Engineers.

On Wednesday, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said the facility, which was quickly built to house 1,000 patients, was now just treating one person.

Duggan said that the temporary hospital would remain in place in case there's another spike in cases.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan will speak about the latest on COVID-19 in Detroit during a press conference Thursday at 2 p.m. Watch it in the player below or at

In the span of a few weeks, the Center was transformed from the showroom to the 1,000-bed facility. On April 9, it opened for 25 patients as the state was entering the peak of its cases and deaths.

Michigan hit its peak daily Coronavirus cases at 1,953 on April 3. On April 9, the day the center opened, 117 Michigan coronavirus-related deaths were reported in Michigan.

The Mayor had been looking at the TCF Center as an indicator for how Michigan and Detroit were fighting the spread of COVID-19. 

"The single best report card on how well we are doing on social distancing is how many of those beds we end up using," Duggan said on April 9.