Teachers protest poor Palmer Park Preparatory Academy building conditions

The sign on the front of Palmer Park Preparatory Academy says, "Achieving Academic Excellence," but on Monday and Tuesday the sign on the school door said the building is closed. 

"There are a lot of success stories that come out of this school," said Toni McCorris, area resident and children's book author.

But this Detroit Public School Community District school building is closed because a majority of teachers walked out. Teachers confirm poor building conditions, including a bad roof, leaking water, and possible mold. 

There are 500 students here in pre-K through eighth grade in the prestigious, university district. Teachers confirmed environmental cleanup crews were working to address water damage and test for harmful mold. 

"This is one of the schools in the city of Detroit that needs to remain open. And if there are repair issues that are going on, I trust the downtown will be taken care of this really soon. At least I hope so," McCorris said.

Palmer Park is closing for the rest of the year. Students in pre-K through five will go to Catherine Ferguson near Midtown and students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will go to Bethune on Puritan. Then hopefully Palmer Park in open in the fall.

But first Ferguson has to be approved by the state and the city before students may attend.