Teen assaulted with firecracker thrown in his face shares story

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A teenager was hit in the face by a firecracker that he says someone threw at him while he was outside with friends.

"The firework, it exploded mostly over here," said Christopher Lacy, motioning to his right shoulder. "It's deep; you can see a little bone."

The 15-year-old is wearing bandages over painful burns on his shoulder, face hands and leg.

"My ears were bleeding, (I lost) some meat off my thumb and I had to get stitches over here," he said.  "There is like a hole (on my leg) right here too."

Lacy now wears sunglasses to block the sun from his injured eye as he recalled last Thursday night when he says he was attacked by men in a silver Impala with the firework while walking across Detroit's Three Mile Drive to a neighbor's house.

"It happened so fast, it was like a shock," he said.

With neighbors and young children nearby, Lacy said he was hit.

"I saw the light at the window," he said. "The window was half-cracked and he was like, 'Here' and threw it out.'

"When it hit my head it blew it and went off in the air. It was so loud, like the ground was shaking."

A witness said blood was everywhere.

"We were telling him 'Chris, come on' and it’s like he couldn't hear us," the witness said.

"They had to tell me I was bleeding," Lacy said. "I couldn't feel it."

His mother says when she spoke with her son at first she thought maybe he had been playing with the firecracker and tried to lie about it. But witnesses say it could have hit any of them, disgusted someone would do that.

"You're just stupid," the witness said. "You are dumb for doing that. You are messing with kids."

Witnesses described the car as a 2008 to 2013 silver Impala with the front right passenger door so rusted it looked brown. Unfortunately they didn't get a good look at those young men.

"It could've killed me," Lacy said. "I could've lost my sight and my hearing. Shame on you."

While Detroit police are investigating but have no updates Monday.

Lacy and witnesses say as he slowly recovers, they don't even want to see fireworks this Fourth of July.

"People out there using fireworks be careful," the witness said. "You don't know what can happen."