Teen eating Cheerios at graduation goes viral, becomes social media's hero

Pic: Instagram / aranjevi

The internet’s newest hero is a Maryland high school graduate who munched on Honey Nut Cheerios during graduation. 

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear caps and gowns-- like high school graduate Akiva Glashofer.

Glashofer recently graduated from Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy. But before parting ways, he wanted to gift his school with a farewell memory-- of himself. After all, the school had left him with so many fond memories over the years, so it was only right. 

On the day of graduation, as Glashofer walked up stage and nestled into his seat next to friends, he pulled a sweet stunt and it went viral.

While on stage, Glashofer whipped out a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, poured milk into his smuggled bowl, and began munching away as the ceremony unfolded. 

Roey Herzfeld, a friend of Glashofer, captured the hilarious moment. He told FOX 5 he had no clue what his friend was up to. But the minute he unexpectedly saw Glashofer pull out a box of cereal, he knew it was cue to start recording.  

"Akiva is definitely known to have a good sense of humor and always makes people laugh. So it wasn't such a surprise to me that he would try to make graduation more exciting," said Herzfeld.

His video was uploaded to Instagram account @aranjevi and has clocked over half a million views. 

Comments flooded the post and perhaps have prompted ideas for the next wave of graduates.