Teen shot in chest by mom at Inkster apartment expected to survive

A teenager who police say was shot by his own mom outside the family's apartment in Inkster is expected to be okay after he was shot in the chest and shoulder.

Inkster Police were called to the Canterbury Woods apartments around 8 Thursday morning. Michigan State Police took over the investigation and, according to MSP Lt. Mike Shaw, it started with an argument between mom and son.

"They got into an argument about what moms and kids get into arguments about," Shaw said. "When these incidents occur they just escalate sometimes to the point sometimes that people just won't retreat."

Shaw said the boy's mom, a PCL holder, got upset and grabbed her gun. She was threatening her son, yelled at him to get out, and said 'Why don't you just go to school?'

"The son leaves, unfortunately decides he wants to come back for more. He walks back up to the door of the complex between the common area and the outside," Shaw said.

When they argued, the teen's mother fired a single shot through the door of the apartment.

"He goes down. Mom retreats back to the apartment, not knowing she had actually struck the son," Shaw said. "A neighbor goes outside and sees him laying there, contacts mom saying 'I don't know what happened but, you shot your son'."

The bullet hit the teen in the upper chest and shoulder area. Once she learned she shot her own son, she ran to help and called police. She was arrested and he was rushed to the hospital where he was taken into surgery and is expected to be okay.

Police say the teen admits that he was being mouthy to his mother.

"The fight is over," Shaw said. "She's actually gotten to the point now where she feels sorry for what occurred."

Police are unsure if the she meant to shoot him, or only tried to scare him, but she does admit that she fired that gun.

"It doesn't matter if you feel sorry after using a firearm it's up to the prosecutor as to what they decide to charge her with," Shaw said. 

Charges against the mother are expected to filed on Friday. Names have not been released.