Teen who plotted to kill family apologizes; gets 20 years in prison

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Roksana Sikorski had a tearful apology in court Monday. 

A local teen who stabbed her little brother while he slept, part of a plot to kill her entire adoptive family was sentenced Monday.

Despite her tearful apology in court, Roksana Sikorski learned she will spend up to 20 years behind bars for her crimes.

"I will get better, no matter what happens," Sikorski said in court. "I would like to apologize to my family, for not being the daughter they wished I would be."

Sikorski, 17, promised she will get better to eventually see her family again and trembled during her sentencing Monday.

The Plymouth Township teen apologized for plotting with her then-boyfriend to kill her adoptive family and run away together.

"This past year and a half has been the most stressful and painful time for our family," said her mother, Laurene Sikorski.

Her daughter was brought to tears when her mother asked the judge Monday for leniency. She insisted Sikorski was manipulated by her older boyfriend, 24-year-old Michael Rivera.

"Roxy was misled and used by an older adult," Laurene Sikorski said. "This has been proven in court. However nothing will benefit this child by sending her to jail.

Prosecutors say Rivera in October. 2014, sent text messages outside her home directing her with instructions and pictures.

Sikorski allegedly slashed her 12-year-old brother's neck, and then tried to stab her younger sister. She then ran away with Rivera.

"She is still fragile and an adult prison would shatter her delicate world," said Laurene Sikorski. "How will sentencing her as an adult, help her. Is this justice?"

Rivera has already been sentenced to life in prison. Sikorski in a deal, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to murder.

With her first attorney removed, Roksana Sikorski’s mother questioned the motives of the second attorney.

"I seriously question my daughter's understanding of the plea deal," Laurene Sikorski said. "Or that she signed with fully informed consent."

The judge agreed that Sikorski has made some progress within the last year and has never been in trouble before - but ultimately sentenced her to 10-20 years in prison.

Sikorski's attorney said this was not the outcome they wanted and says they will appeal it.