Teenager hit by gunshot while driving in Redford

Police are trying to find the people inside a vehicle they say opened fire on a teenage girl as she was driving her Jeep through Redford.

It happened at the corner of Virgil and Joy just 10:00 pm Wednesday. A neighbor said he heard two shots - and another neighbor, Sally Carter-Pitts, said the scene afterwards was chaotic.

"There was a lot of activity last night," she said. "A lot of activity. Can't say what it was, but it was like 15 vehicles out there."

Carter-Pitts did not witness the shooting but spent more than three hours watching the scene as police swarmed her neighborhood looking for clues on Joy Road near Telegraph.

"There was glass broken. I noticed them in the trees looking for something," she said.

Police in Redford Township say someone driving a dark Ford Fusion fired a gunshot at the victim's Jeep Liberty. The 17-year-old driver was hit by one shot but it is not life-threatening. A 19-year-old man in the car with her was not hurt.

Police say both victims are from Dearborn Heights and Carter-Pitts said there were police all over the area at the scene.

"We saw a heavy state police presence," she said. "There was Dearborn Heights police. State police took over because Dearborn apparently was swarming the neighborhood coming in and out."

Redford Township Police are not providing any further details. Anyone with information on the shooter is asked to call police at (313) 387-2500.