'Terrifying': Doorbell camera captures dozens of gunshots in Eastpointe neighborhood

It was a little after midnight in Eastpointe and all was quiet. Until it wasn't.

Debbie Botrell was outside when suddenly gunshots rattled the street. She bolted inside and her doorbell camera caught the chaotic moments as two cars race down the street.

"It was terrifying," Debbie said. "I ran in my house as fast as I could. Al was sleeping on the couch and I yelled at him to get down on the floor."

"I was waking up, I heard the initial first gunshots. She came running in the house and did a Pete Rose on the floor and she said "Get on the ground! Somebody’s shooting!" Allen Towle said. 

He said there were a dozen shots and then the cars speeding off. But that wasn't the end of it.

"Two cars sped by, it seemed like one was chasing the other, shooting after it. There was one more random shot just before Stephens down there. Then on the ring doorbell we can hear the tires screech around the corner and then there were nine more shots fired," said Towle.

Their neighbor, Bonnie Sieja heard it as well. She's lived on the street for more than 40 years and says this is the first time it hasn't felt like home.

"I’m petrified. Yeah, I’m still shaking. It’s just a scary thing," Sieja said.

"Initially I was afraid bullets were going to come through the wall, through the window. I didn’t know it was somebody shooting at somebody else, I thought they were shooting at homes," Debbie said.

While none of their neighbors were hit, Debbie people need to have more respect for others.

"I just wish people would have more respect for life, you know? I think of all these innocent kids sleeping in their beds and these bullets flying around, it’s just terrible," she said.

Police have not confirmed if anyone involved in the apparent gunfight was hit. The investigation is still in progress.