Terror suspicions from EgyptAir Flight crash causes some travel concerns locally

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An EgyptAir flight crashes into the Mediterranean, causing 65 lives to be lost..

The plane departed from Paris and headed to Cairo when it made a series of abrupt twists and turns before dropping off radar. Authorities believe the plane may have been brought down by terrorists.

The crash raising concerns about security at airports both in France and across the world and that includes here in metro Detroit.

Passengers at Detroit Metro Airport check in for Air France and Delta flights to Paris.  Some discussed with loved ones whether they should even proceed with travel plans to Paris after learning the Airbus A320  crash is likely the result of a terrorist attack and not a technical issue. 

"I'm afraid I told my friend right now," said Iman Alghrarii of Ann Arbor.

Alghrarii of Ann Arbor discussed the Airbus crash with friends before leaving Detroit for Paris on her way to the East Bank of the Jordan River.

"They told me they were missing one airplane from Paris to Egypt they told me," she said.

FOX 2: "Do you feel safe flying?"

"No one knows," she said.

Samiha Fdhela of South Lyon stands by her sister Khitem, who is boarding the Air France flight to Paris, then she'll fly to Tunisia's Capitol city of Tunis.

"She was a little nervous, but  you know, things happen," said Fdhela. "She's going back home

FOX 2 "Are you worried at all?"

Elie Naim of Birmingham is flying Air France to Paris then on to Lebanon.

"I fly all the time for work and for pleasure," said Elie Naim of Birmingham. "If it's going to happen, it's going to happen."

Elie Naim of Birmingham is flying Air France to Paris then on to Lebanon.

Four flights left Detroit to Paris Thursday night. FOX 2 understands passengers may be seeing additional security procedures after this recent crash.

We are told that those travelling should expect longer wait times but Detroit has not seen the long backups like in New York or Chicago.

Officials recommend arriving well ahead of your departure time.