Testimony heard in case of woman accused of killing boyfriend at gas station

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Was it second degree murder or self-defense - a witness to the shooting takes the stand.

Starr Holmes was back in court accused of killing her boyfriend, her arrest caught on camera.

The incident happened at a Marathon gas station at Grand River and Wyoming at 3 a.m. on March 4. Starr Holmes a licensed CPL holder said it was self-defense. Prosecutors call it murder.

"I saw a couple words because the window was up," said Kermit Brown, a friend of the victim. "I didn't what was said. I (saw him) grab her by the clothes and he started to shake her."

Brown is a longtime friend of the victim - 31-year-old Pap Robinson Jenkins. Brown was in the car while Jenkins and Holmes were outside talking allegedly arguing over him refusing to return some of her belongings.

Then, he says it got physical

Prosecutor: "You said he grabbed a hold of her?"

"Yes he shook her like almost three times," Brown said. "When I heard a shot, his head went down."

Brown testified he didn't see the gun - but you can see it on the surveillance video. As Holmes ran into the gas station, Brown says he ran to help his friend.

"Starr Holmes came back out and I just told her (it didn't have to get like that) whatever the situation was," Brown testified. "And she screamed, 'He grabbed me.'"

The hearing will continue in April, they are waiting for the medical examiner's report before proceeding.