'The ground shook': Several people struck by lightening at Milan Mud Bash

At least four people were struck by lightning at the Milan Mud Bash on Saturday.

One of the victims told FOX 2 they still have some memory issues and still feel some numbness and tingling.

"The ground shook, bad," said Ryan Kilpatrick, who attended the event. "I don’t know if the ground shook or if I shook while I was standing on the ground."

Kilpatrick came alarmingly close to the lightning strike during the outdoor festival in Milan over the weekend.  

"A flash of light, next thing you know your ears are ringing. You got a big white flash that's stuck in front of your face for a while, and there’s nothing you can do after that – you just got to blink it out and find out where everybody went," Kilpatrick said. "That was one of the biggest problems, is trying to find out where everybody took off to."

According to officials with the Milan Area Fire Department, they were working Milan Dragway’s first annual Mud Bash when lightning struck at a concert that came right after the main event.

Fire officials said two of the victims were transported to U of M Hospital for treatment. They were released from the hospital after being monitored overnight. 

Kilpatrick is friends with one of the survivors.

"I reached out to him this morning, and he’s in pretty good spirits," he said. "He’s still waiting for his super powers. He’s hoping he can shoot electricity from his fingers."

Witnesses say they only saw one lightning strike. but it was enough to freak many people out.

Fire officials say all of the victims are expected to recover.

"The four people that got struck, if it would have hit a little bit a bit more even directly, or just lingered for even a fraction of a second more than that. would have been four corpses instead of four people going home," Kilpatrick said.