The Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center transforms into a vaccine clinic

The Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center transformed its facilities into a vaccine clinic on Saturday to help push to get Michigan residents vaccine shots. 

Erika Swilley, the Vice President of community and social responsibility for the Detroit Pistons, received her second vaccine dose at the event.  

"It definitely feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m very excited the goal of the event today is to get people vaccinated so we can get back to full capacity in our arena, " Swilley says. 

The practice center looked like a day of celebration outside with music, dancing, and giveaways before people entered to get their shots. 

Despite the efforts, officials say there were still plenty of seats left open. 

Doctor Iris Taylor, Director of nursing for the Detroit Health Department, says the numbers reflect people's hesitance with the vaccine. 

"They simply don’t trust all the information yet, and I think that’s part of it; part of it is just a general reluctancy to see that they’re just going along with the majority in their age group that may or not be pursuing it at this point in time, " says Taylor. 

Taylor says she stresses that the vaccine is now widely available, and the cities goal is to educate people and get them vaccinated.