"The momentum is there," Dan Gilbert speaks at Detroit Policy Conference

Dan Gilbert isn't sure what Detroit will look like in 2030, but he's sure of one thing.

"It's going to exceed all expectations," said the billionaire entrepreneur.

That consensus came at the Detroit Policy Conference, which spotlighted business growth in the city. Speaking with Dennis Archer Jr. of the Detroit Chamber, Gilbert believed expectations from 10 years ago would have already been met. But with that in mind, he's has his eyes set on future prospects.

Specifically referring to the Hudson Building and the Monroe Blocks Project, both are expected to bolster growth in the city.

Gilbert also said the key issue in the region should be education.

"Education is the bullseye issue," said the Quickenloans founder. "It feels like the momentum is there, and the future now is to invest in education. To give children a chance to see what they're capable of."

Finally, he remarked on a hope to see an African American owned technology business owned in the city - like Twitter and Facebook.