The new, 'old' normal: How vaccinated Detroiters are reacting to masks no longer being required

The Detroit Tigers announced Friday night that fans who have been vaccinated at the ballpark do not have to wear masks at the games. It is the latest move back towards how life used to be, pre-pandemic for those who have been vaccinated.

"I like being out tonight, it is the first time in months and it feels so normal, it feels like this is how it should be," said Lisa Miodowski, who is fully vaccinated.

A new, "old" normal now that many people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19  and no longer are required by the CDC to wear masks.

"I'm still a little scared, I'm just afraid people will take too much liberty with it and people not vaccinated will not wear a mask anyway, you can't tell if a person is or isn't," said Jill Zueski, who is vaccinated.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Sheiner says that fear is completely normal.

"We've all been traumatized, and one of the reactions to trauma is being afraid of another trauma. People are frightened, people are cautious," he said.  

"For me I'm kind of used to it, wearing a mask I am kind of used to it, it's part of my outfit," said Demarco Glasco who plans to get vaccinated.

"I'm still going to wear it, said Jeanetta Stewart-Glasco, who plans to be vaccinated. "It is a comfort thing, it makes me feel more secure."  

Sue Shields is vaccinated but on Thursday, the day the CDC further relaxed masks restrictions, she said she forgot hers

"I wanted to be polite because I don't think companies have come to a conclusion and I was embarrassed that I wasn't wearing my mask," she said.

"I think people are going to have strong feelings both ways," said Dr. Scheiner. "Some people are going to say this is a hoax and get mad at people who wear masks or people will wear masks and get mad at people who don't. We have to prepare ourselves for some of that friction as things change."

Detroiter Shannon Fuoks has no problem wearing a mask indoors he said.

Detroiter Shannon Fuoks has no problem wearing a mask indoors he said.

"Joe Biden actually put out a tweet the rule is either get vaccinated or continue to wear your mask so I will continue to wear my mask," said Shannon Fuoks.