The Oakland Community Health Network provides mental health help in wake of Oxford shooting

It has been one week since the horrific shooting at Oxford High School but the shock and pain is still so fresh for the community coping with the aftermath.

There are resources available to help families work through the trauma, no matter how they were impacted.  For those who need help, the Oakland Community Mental Health network helpline can be reached at 800-231-1127 and it is a 24/7 crisis line.

Joining FOX 2 is Dana Lasenby, the CEO of the Oakland Community Health Network to talk about the help that is out there.

"From day one, boots on the ground our crisis teams have been on-site, helping those families, those students, administrators to really deal with the crisis at hand," she said. "So we have qualified counselors throughout our network that have stepped up. Our crisis vendor Common Ground, Easter Seals, and other providers have really come together, collaborated and really wanted to address the needs of the community."

For many, the reality of last week's tragedy is just setting in now.

"The shock is still there, the disbelief that this occurred in our community," Lasenby said. "And what people need to know is that there is a survivor story that will come at the end that is still not ready to be talked about. People are still in the midst of dealing with this tragic, horrible event that occurred. So the loss is still fresh."

This community is on a long path of recovery to healing, she said - adding that checking on those around you is important at a time of such tragedy. 

"Pay attention to our friends, neighbors and children to see how they are reacting to it," she said. "Pay attention and be open to conversation for children to make them feel safe again."