'The Rap Game' spends day with Detroit kids

The stars of the reality TV show 'The Rap Game' spent Thursday in Detroit with students at a special spirit pep rally to stress the importance of education.

Ahead of a show later this month at the Fox Theatre, members of the show 'The Rap Game' were at Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences for a special assembly. One of the stars, Mani, dropped some knowledge on FOX 2.

"You already know, Mani man, I'm your boy. Fox 2 News, I'm in Detroit. I'm about to go to school, I'm about to have some fun, you already know, I'm about to make my run," Mani rapped.

He and others from the Lifetime show hosted by hip hop artist and producer Jermaine Dupri, made a visit to the City of Detroit to share their music and motivate young people.

The show, it's host, and cast members are kicking off the SoSoSummer17 tour.
They made a stop at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences for a pep rally.

Another member of the show, Nova, said that this is about educating the kids.

"I feel as younger rappers, we have to speak to them. Some of the stuff that's being played on the radio, it's not real good messages. So I feel with my music and talk to the youth, I just want to educate them, just chase your dream," Nova said.

D-LO is also on the show, he grew up in Chicago, and like many young people in the City of Detroit, the artist went through some tough obstacles.

"Anything you go through, you go through obstacles. Ups and downs. You got to have a positive mindset. You got to have love and energy to spread across the world," D-LO said.

Jermaine Dupri couldn't make it Detroit, but he did send a message.

"Never stop going after your dream. Just move around the obstacles if you have to. Check back away from it. Figure out how you can move around it. If I can do it, you can do it," he said.

It appears students are hearing that message.

"I just want to following through, ain't going to never stop," Sharon Ross said.

The SoSoSummer tour will be in town later this month at the Fox Theatre. The cast will be making more stops like this in other cities while traveling. If talented enough, a student could be discovered and maybe appear on the show.