The Sapphire Apartment residents say Southfield complex didn't have heat for 2 weeks

The Sapphire in Southfield is branded as a luxury apartment complex, but residents say the building was without heat for about two weeks.

"You would literally get sick being here because it's so cold," tenant Joseph Wyatt said. "Animals don't deserve this, so why do we?"

Residents said rent starts at about $1,000 a month.

"We're paying that much for the apartments because of the space, but other than that, it's just, no," Wyatt said.

Some residents said a lack of heat isn't their only concern. One tenant, who wanted to remain anonymous because he fears repercussions, said he doesn't have hot water.

The heat came back on Thursday night.

A spokesperson for The Sapphire claimed the complex immediately responded after a portion of its HVAC system failed. The spokesperson said the delays were because the apartment could not get essential equipment.

A statement reads, in part, "At significant expense, we secured a transitional boiler that was installed yesterday and is providing sufficient heat to the entire building. Throughout this process, there has always been some level of heat in the building and residents were provided temporary heating systems for their unit."