The Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin? Cheese state now owns the UP

Not sure if you've heard, but there was a recent transfer of land among the midwest.

Call it a matter of disrespect or an occurrence of circumstance. Either way, Michigan's upper peninsula now belongs to Wisconsin. That's according to a string of bad losses in mutual sporting events, as well as lazy graphic details from entertainment TV.

You might recall Mountain Dew posting a photo of the upper peninsula being part of Wisconsin back in July. The graphic was admonished by the UP twitter account.

Welp, that premonition came true this weekend.

Our cousins across from the Great Lakes initially took ownership of the peninsula after the University of Wisconsin handed three public universities from Michigan losses in Football. For all non-sport fanatics, it's been a rough first half of the season for the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Central Michigan University, all of which were man-handled by the Badgers. The school has put up a cumulative score of 134 points on the three schools.

Amid the land-transfer drama, on the most previous weekend's Saturday Night Live showcased an image of the United States without the Upper Peninsula. That bout of apathetic disrespect was not received lightly. It prompted the Upper Peninsula to ask, "Do I even matter anymore?"

We're not really sure to be honest, because Michigan has an opportunity to reclaim its birthright on Monday. But, in case the rock you live under has shielded you from the familiar, but still depressing news, that the Detroit Lions lost in the most Lions-esc fashion after facing the Green Bay Packers.

Maybe it was too many field goals. Maybe it was two definitely-did-not-happen-but-whatever hands to the face penalties. Whatever the case, Michigan lost its chance to retain the Upper Peninsula. 

It might have been meant to be though. Fun fact, the Upper Peninsula was originally obtained by Michigan after the Toledo War when the almost-bloodless conflict over the city of Toledo happened in 1835. It's become the stuff of lore and that fight continues still today - in the form of a rivalry football game between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University.