Thief crashes into Highland Park building while trying to steal tow truck

A tow truck driver was loading up a vehicle Wednesday night in Highland Park with a man on a bike tried to steal the truck.

"We heard a loud noise. We came out and see the tow truck in the wall," said Alvin John, with Holbrook Auto Parts.

John describes what happened when the suspect saw an opportunity.

"Gets off the bike, runs to the truck, gets into the seat, and pulls off," he said. 

However, the man couldn't escape. Instead, he crashed into the Holbrook building.

"He tried to run off, but the police came so fast and were able to contain him," John said.

John said the suspect didn't appear to be hurt. The tow truck driver, Lou, also was uninjured.

"The edge of the flatbed was on his stomach, so if he was to back out, it would have been a wrap," John said. "Thank God he went forward."

Now, Holbrook Auto Parts is left with a gaping hole to fix.