Thief steals tailgate from Allen Park man's truck

Police are investigating after a tailgate theft was caught on the homeowner's surveillance camera. 

Home security video shows a man stealing a tailgate off a pick-up truck at 2:30 a.m. on March 22 in Allen Park.

"I thought it was kind of brazen to do this right across the street from the police station," Ted Bryk says. 

Investigators say they are paying close attention to the suspect's demeanor in the video.

"It wasn't his first time taking things that are not his," said Det. Jim Thorburn. "He did it with an ease, with a quickness. He's not hurried, very casual."

In the video, notice how Bryk's car is parked blocking the truck in. Well, there's a reason for that.

"Two years ago I had a similar truck stolen right out of the driveway here, and they found that one in Detroit burned and stripped," he said.

No one knows if the two crimes are related but Ted isn't taking any chances.

"I'm afraid of them coming back and getting something else, either taking the wheels or whatever else they can get off it. So I've kind of put it somewhere right now," he said.

A used tailgate to replace the stolen one will cost more than a thousand dollars.

"It's a self perpetuating business. They steal a tailgate; I go on eBay and look for another one; I buy a tailgate off eBay and put it on; they steal another one and it self perpetuates itself," Bryk said.

The suspect was caught on video thanks to security cameras Ted had installed after his first truck was stolen.

If the suspect looks familiar or if you have information out this crime, you're asked to call Allen Park Police.