Thieves break through salon to get to marijuana dispensary

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Thieves broke through the wall of a Detroit beauty salon - but the business wasn't their target.

They went through all that trouble-- to get to the pot shop next door. The salon on Greenfield was robbed overnight after thieves broke through concrete walls.

It is the second break-in at the Drahma Hair Studio in Detroit, since opening in February. 

China Goodwin, Drama Hair Studio

"People always want to bring you down," said China Goodwin, the owner. "There's no one out here really trying to lift you up, except for the other people trying to be successful themselves."

A hole in the wall shows where the burglars broke through came in and stole money. A second hole inside shows where they tried to break into the marijuana dispensary next door.

The thieves didn't get away with marijuana so they stole hair extensions instead.

Goodwin called police and filed a report. And now she is hoping they investigate.

"They need to come here and handle it," she said. "Go back there, check out what's going on and hopefully prevent this from happening again."

In the meantime, she is patching up the wall, and getting back to work.